written by  Shamsiya Noorul Quloob

“A lot of problems in the world would disappear

if we talk to each other instead of about each other.”

Misunderstandings, hurt feelings, anger, frustration, sadness….so many of these negative emotions all stem from the fact that two people don’t talk to each other about things. It happens in the workplace, it happens in friendships, it happens in families, and it happens in marriages. It happens all of the time between just about everyone – so why don’t we fix it??

Today talk to someone and fix things like a mature adult. Instead of backbiting or venting about them to someone else.
Do right by Allah and by yourself.
You will be surprised to know that 99% of the problem was based on assumptions and not on facts.

Not communicating with someone when we really ought to is an easy habit to fall into. It is uncomfortable to talk about hard or emotional things. It is hard to admit when we are hurting or vulnerable. It’s so much easier to just avoid someone or to talk negative about them to other people. That’s probably why so many people do it.

Do not lose perfect beautiful relationships because you couldn’t talk it out.

Today’s challenge is to talk to someone you have been struggling with and see if you can’t come to a better place by communicating sincerely and from the heart. It certainly can’t hurt to try.




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